September 25 - 29, 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia

During the last day of the Conference, Friday, September 30th we are organizing two excursions to Hydro Power Plants near Dubrovnik. Due to limited places, participation in excursions will be possible only for preregistered participants who settled their conference fee and filled questionnaire on SDEWES conference system using their login.

1. Visit to Hydro power plants on Trebisnjica River in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina (HPP Trebinje I and HPP Trebinje II)

The bus will pick up the participants in front of the Hotel Park at 8:30 or at the meeting point near the University of Dubrovnik at 8:45. The visit is possible only for the participants who do not need or have, a valid visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina (for more information see this page and this page).

Beside technical visits, the excursion will include visit to local winery and tasting of few sorts of quality wines, visits to local monuments and the old town of Trebinje and lunch with a traditional food at the local restaurant. The return to the hotels in Dubrovnik is expected until 18:00 hours.

The fee for excursion to HPP Trebinje is 20 EUR/person + VAT and will be collected during registration process.

Note again that HPP Trebinje is located in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and every participant on this trip should bring a valid B&H visa (if needed) and a passport (or ID card for some countries). Please look at the visa policy on the following page (or this page - the site opens by default in Bosnian, link to English page is upper right).

More information about Hydro power Plant Trebinje I and II

HE Trebinje

Four power plants on hydrological system of Trebišnjica river have been built in the period 1954-1981 (basic data are given in the table).

Name of HPP Num. power trains Installed capacity Capacity (gate)Average productionAverage flow Reservoir capacity Max. Head
MVA MW MW GWh m3/s mil.m3 m
Trebinje I 3 3x67 3x60 180 479,4 71 1 082,3 104,15
Trebinje II 1 10 8 7,6 12,5 82,9 9,3 22
Dubrovnik 2 2x120 2x108 2x105 1391,1 82,9 9,3 295
PHE Čapljina 2 2x220 440 451 28,9 6,5 227

The Grančarevo dam is higher than 100 meters and makes one of the biggest artificial reservoirs in the Balkan region. More information on the town of Trebinje and its history you can find at

2. Visit of HPP Dubrovnik in the place Plat situated between Dubrovnik and Cavtat

The bus will wait for participants in front of the hotel Park at 9.30 or at the meeting point near the University at 9:45 and will take them to HPP Dubrovnik and back according published schedule. The expected return to the hotels is at 13:00 hours. Excursion includes visit to the places Cavtat, Plat and Mlini in Zupa Dubrovacka.

The excursion to HPP Dubrovnik is free of charge.

More information about Hydro Power Plant Dubrovnik:

HE Dubrovnik

The hydro power plants in the basin of the Trebišnjica River are situated in two countries, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Dubrovnik power plant is the last step of this hydroelectric system. Dubrovnik uses the waters of the Trebišnjica River from the Bileća reservoir which was created by the construction of the Grančarevo dam. The intake for Dubrovnik was achieved by the construction of the Gorica dam which creates a compensation reservoir. The Gorica dam is situated downstream of the Trebinje hydro power plant, so that the tail water of Trebinje is the head water of Dubrovnik. The power plant was planned to be constructed in two phases: phase one and some facilities of phase two are complete. Total installed capacity of power plant is 216 MW.

List of accepted participants, who applied for excursions, will be published on time on our web page.

Please read the instructions for safe behaviour in hydro power plants before applying to excursion.

Local organizing committee of 6th Dubrovnik SDEWES conference holds rights to change any detail of proposed excursions.