September 25 - 29, 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Panel: Water sustainability

Out of 6.9 billion people in 2010, 884 million people (1 of each 7.8) lack safe drinking water, 2.5 billion (1 of 3.6) have inadequate access to water for sanitation and waste disposal, and rapid ground water depletion harms agriculture. The world is increasingly facing a water crisis which is considered to be to be even more dangerous than the energy and associated global warming ones. It is obvious that immediate and strong action must be taken to develop and use water sustainability, founded on quantitative environmental, economic and social principles.

Five water experts will speak briefly about different aspects of water sustainability, followed by questions, answers and discussion with the audience.

Invited presentations

  • Water Problems and Management of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area
    by Claudia Sheinbaum*
  • Will We Have Enough Water?
    by Jurgen Schmandt*
  • Groundwater Resources Management in the Mediterranean Basin with Special Reference to the Intrusion of Seawater in Coastal Aquifers.
    by Andreas Kallioras*
  • Abstract: Tariff-Setting – Creating a Sustainable Economic Basis
    by Christoph Prandtstetten*
  • Physical Hydronomics_A_Valero Et Al_Sdewes_2011
    by Antonio Valero*, Javier Uche, Amaya Martínez, Beatriz Carrasquer Álvarez
Panel: Sustainable development and jobs

Unemployment is obviously creating serious difficulties for the unemployed and usually for regional and national economies.  This clearly became emphatic during the recent economy downturns, which raised, and are continuing to raise, unemployed significantly in most of the world. The vitally needed and ongoing transition to sustainable development, founded on the environmental, economic and social pillars will have an important impact on future employment prospects, and employment is inextricably related to the stability and strength of all sustainability pillars. It is obviously best if increased employment also generates commensurately useful results beside the benefits of providing income to the previously unemployed.

Five sustainable development experts will speak briefly about different aspects of the critical interaction between sustainable development and employment, followed by questions, answers and discussion with the audience

Invited presentations

  • Sustainability and Jobs
    by Peter Rae*
  • Assessing the Conflicting Interactions of Employment with Sustainable Development
    by Carla Henriques*, Patricia Pereira Da Silva
  • Employment Impact of Sustainable Development Policies: the Case of Clean Technology Sector
    by Caterina Brandoni*
  • Sustainable Energy Development as a Driver for Jobs Creation
    by Neven Duic*
  • The Tragedy of the Credit Crisis:full Speed….. in Reverse?
    by Karel Mulder*